2 girls

by Marco Speroni

Lota and Tigist, 2 girls living in very different countries like Bangladesh and Ethiopia, are linked by the same journey from poverty to the hell of an extreme difficult life. They were both born in rural areas, they both went through poverty or abuses. The only option they had was to run away. Next destination were mega-cities like Dhaka and Addis Ababa. A parallel harsh journey in where they meet their destinies.

In Dhaka young girls like Lota work in garments factories, which are a sort of slammer, exposed to any kind of imposition and restriction. In Addis Ababa young girls like Tigist quick downfall into the hell of sex work in hotels or in streets. Yet in spite of their harsh lives they show an inner strength and great dignity. They come from poverty, they fall into an even worse condition, but they never stop strive, looking for a change. They both fight for a life that, maybe tomorrow, will be better.