Blind Pit

Blind pit – The story of Sasha it is a journey through two parallel worlds: one of them is underground, made of tunnels dug by hand in the black rock, perpetually wrapped in darkness and in which reality materializes for a few moments through the intertwining of the beams of light projected by the lamps of the men who work there; the other, although located on the surface, is also a non-place; it is a mining town suspended between past and present, where time seems to have stopped at the Soviet era, located within a ghost republic at war for its survival.

But it is also the story of the passage through two analogous worlds that can in some measure overlap with the previous ones: the size of a man wrapped in the darkness of blindness and the reality of the same man once he has regained his sight. In fact, the documentary will tell about the life of Sasha, a miner of the mining town of Torez, before, during and after the surgery that should restore his sight.

We will tell you what it means to go down every day two hundred meters underground, without seeing anything, moving inside tunnels that are sometimes so narrow that they must be crossed by crawling on the ground. We will describe everyday life on the surface, made up of interpersonal relationships made even more difficult by the hard crisis triggered by the civil war. But above all we will document the path that will lead this man towards the light. As we followed him from the bottom of the mine to the surface, in the same way we will travel with him all the steps that could allow him to finally get out of the “well” in which he fell several years ago.