I didn’t know life could be so long

by Gian Piero Palombini

From the exclusive clubs of New York to a caravan in the suburbs, from the “liberated territory” Trieste of the postwar to a prison cell, from the concentration camp of San Saba to the Cinecittà of the “Dolce Vita”, in the Rome of the sixties. The thrilling and dramatic life of Tiberio Mitri, one of the greatest boxers in Italy, is shown in a documentary which traces its most important stages: the hard childhood, the reformatory, the war, the dream marriage with Miss Italia and the popularity throughout Europe and the USA until the dramatic defeat in New York against Jake La Motta.

And again the economic breakdown, the rebirth in the showbiz and the slow decadence up to the tragic epilogue. In the background, through glory and solitude, the turbulent romantic affairs, the contacts with the American underworld, the acting career, drugs and bereavements which marked the existence of one of the most popular characters of the immediate postwar.