Interagency Humanitarian Evaluation

An Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation (IAHE) is an independent assessment of results of the collective humanitarian response by member organizations of the IASC. IAHEs evaluate the extent to which planned collective results have been achieved and how humanitarian reform efforts have contributed to that achievement.

Usually, IAHEs are initiated as per their inclusion in the IAHE Steering Group’s Workplan and are formally launched by the Emergency Relief Coordinator. Using a systematic and defined set of selection and prioritization criteria, a list of priority countries for crisis-specific evaluations and priority themes for thematic evaluations are established on an annual basis.

IAHEs may also be triggered by an IASC Scale-Up Activation, a formal mechanism for the mobilization of system-wide capacities and resources beyond standard levels, which automatically requires the implementation of an IAHE. IAHEs triggered by a Scale-Up need to be conducted within 9-12 months from the initial Scale-Up activation taking into consideration the findings of the Operational Peer Review.